Trauma Resilience Team

We are a group of Pierce County MRC volunteers with nationally recognized trauma and mental health training.


Build trauma resilience in our communities. Respond with trained volunteers to traumatic events, like a death by suicide, mass casualty event or natural disaster.


We can deploy in a variety of settings with flexible scheduling and customizable services:

  • Short-term mental health support (in person or online) for stress management following traumatic events.
  • Educational activities that promote trauma resilience.

We provide community-level mental health support, not licensed mental health therapy. We do not diagnose or treat mental illness.

Service Area

We serve Pierce County, Washington. However, team members may potentially be deployed across the state or nation.


All Trauma Resilience Team members:

  • Are Pierce County MRC volunteers.
  • Pass background checks and are credentialed as Washington state emergency workers.
  • Receive nationally recognized crisis and mental health training.


  • Group and individual crisis training.
  • Health support team (HST) training.
  • Psychological first aid.
  • Suicide intervention.
  • Other continuing education.